2021 Digital Summit


Streaming on Demand


Dubit Presents New Findings on Canadian Kids Media Habits

Join us as we kick off the inaugural Rocket Forum with an informative session exploring the fascinating results of newly completed research by Dubit on behalf of Shaw Rocket Fund. Dubit will proudly present the key findings and insights from their research exploring Canadian families’ views on kids’ media habits. Answering critical questions for the Canadian kids content sector, Dubit’s Adam Woodgate and David Kleeman will join Shaw Rocket Fund’s Agnes Augustin as they reveal this industry-defining work.

David Kleeman SVP Global Trends, Dubit

Adam Woodgate SVP Media Insights, Dubit

MODERATOR: Agnes Augustin President & CEO, Shaw Rocket Fund


Ones To Watch: Kids Content Platforms

Canadian kids love their streamers, consuming more content across more platforms than ever before. As their engagement grows, so do the opportunities for Canadian producers. In this exciting session, Rocket Forum will explore ‘The Ones To Watch’, taking a deep dive with some of the most important platforms in kids content today and examining Canada’s relevance on the world stage.

Rick Clodfelter Lead, Content Acquisitions and Partnerships Disney Branded Television

Adina Pitt VP, Content Acquisitions, Partnerships and Co-Productions for the Americas, WarnerMedia Kids and Family

Marie McCann Senior Director, Children's Content, CBC Kids

MODERATOR: Karolina Kaminska Senior reporter & editor of C21Kids


Trends Spotlight: Gamifying Linear Content

The global video game market is projected to reach $185 billion in 2021 thanks to a super-connected generation of gamers and content creators who see gaming as their primary form of entertainment and social connection. The gamification of linear content is an important and growing trend in the kids sector, leading to progressive and multi-faceted content. In this session, Rocket Forum will explore several stimulating examples of Canadian producers who are finding success ‘gamifying’ linear kids content.

Catherine Winder CEO, Executive Producer, Wind Sun Sky Entertainment Inc.

Anne Loi Executive Vice President, M&A and Chief Commercial Officer, Wildbrain

MODERATOR: David Bloom Senior Contributor, Forbes


LIVE: Discoverability: Reach Kids Where They Are

Canadian kids producers have many choices of platforms for their content, but having such an expansive marketplace makes competing for kids’ attention even more pronounced. Discoverability is an integral part of producing successful content. But how do you reach Canadian kids where they are? Rocket Forum seeks to explore this important question and provide a roadmap to increasing discoverability for kids content across different facets of the market.

Morghan Fortier Co-Owner & CEO, Skyship Entertainment

Deirdre Brennan Executive Vice President, Content Partnerships, Wildbrain

Ken Faier President & Chief Executive Officer, Epic Story Media

Michelle Melanson President, Headspinner Productions Inc.

MODERATOR: KC Goundiam Founder and CEO at Red Dot Digital Inc. & B2BeeMatch


Social Issues Impacting Kids Content

How do some of the most important social issues of our time – diversity, safety, climate, environment and inclusivity – impact the Canadian kids media sector? Content should reflect the society it seeks to entertain and is in a unique position to promote, and encourage, societal growth. Hear how several companies are tackling these pressing issues in the kids industry, and how they are using their platforms and their content to promote social good.

Shabnam Rezaei Co-Founder, Big Bad Boo

JJ Johnson Co-Founder, Executive Producer, Sinking Ship Entertainment

Judith Beauregard Producer & Co-CEO, Tobo

MODERATOR: Kim Wilson Director, OneFish TwoFish Consulting, Head of Scripted Edutainment for Titan1 Studios, Co-Founder of the Children’s Media Lab


How To Play Nice With New Technology

Technology and kids entertainment are inextricably linked. Making the best use of new technology is often a key component to producing successful kids content. Making sense of new technology and how it is enhancing the Canadian industry is the focus of this exciting session. Hear from our panel about the ways in which they are using technology to create innovative content that is capturing kids audiences.

Fred Faubert Chief Creative Officer, Digital Dimensions Entertainment Group

Johnny Kalangis Vice-President of Digital, Cream Productions

Steve Couture CEO, Epic Storyworlds

Tatiana Tacca Consultant and Advisor, Gaming, Esports, Anime

Live Sessions

Briefings at 1:00 & 4:00 PM EST
Roundtables at 2:00 PM EST




Leader To Leader: A Fireside Chat With Amazon Prime’s Magda Grace

Join Christa Dickenson, Executive Director and CEO of Telefilm Canada, as she sits down to get to know more about the Head of Amazon Prime Video Canada’s Magda Grace. The two media leaders will discuss Amazon Prime’s expansion into Canada and what that means for the Canadian production community. They will also explore their plans for growth, and discuss the areas where Telefilm and Amazon share a vision – including the importance of diversity in authentic story-telling.
Brought to you in partnership with Telefilm Canada

Magda Grace Head Prime Video Canada, Amazon Canada

Christa Dickenson Executive Director & CEO, Telefilm Canada


LIVE: In Conversation With Wattpad WEBTOON Studios’ Aron Levitz

Wattpad and WEBTOON are two of the world’s leading social storytelling and digital comics platforms, home to a community of 166 million people around the world. Earlier this year, South Korea’s NAVER acquired Wattpad in a deal estimated to be more than USD $600M, aligning these two storytelling powerhouses. The deal also led to the companies merging their studio divisions, bringing together each company’s unmatched IP catalogues, international audiences, and expertise in building global fandoms under a single global studio umbrella: Wattpad WEBTOON Studios. This exclusive conversation will examine how Wattpad and WEBTOON have created IP factories that empower a new generation of indie author influencers while nurturing their global fandoms to create hit TV shows, films, and books.
Brought to you in partnership with Wattpad WEBTOON Studios

Aron Levitz President of Wattpad WEBTOON Studios

Jordan Pinto North American editor, C21Media


Monetizing Content Rights In A Digital Viewing Age

In this rapid age of innovation and change to the way that content is created and consumed, companies are, in turn, reimagining the global marketplace to empower producers, platforms and studios to find new ways to get their content to a global audience. Rights holders who, traditionally, used a distributor model to sell their content now have choices to sell their content, and their rights, directly to buyers around the world. Are these new models helpful to rights holders? Are they able to negotiate the best deals for their content? And what new models are on the horizon? Join our panel of industry heavy-hitters as they contemplate and discuss IP rights and content distribution in a digital viewing age.
Brought to you in partnership with Vuulr

Ian McKee Founder and CEO, Vuulr

Michela Di Mondo EVP, Distribution and Sales, Canada, Fremantle

Laura Michalchyshyn Chief Creative Officer and Co-President, Blue Ant Studios

Peter Emmerson President, Cineflix Media

Jonathan Webdale Editor, C21Media.net



LIVE: CBC Comedy Superpanel

Join us for an exclusive comedy superpanel featuring the stars of CBC’s new slate of original comedies, including Bilal Baig (Sort Of), Mark Critch (Son of a Critch), Andrew Phung (Run the Burbs) and Nicole Power (Strays).
Brought to you in partnership with CBC

Bilal Baig Executive Producer, Writer, Lead Performer and Co-Creator, Sort Of

Mark Critch Creator, Executive Producer and Lead Actor, Son of a Critch

Andrew Phung Executive Producer, Co-Creator, Writer and Lead Actor, Run the Burbs

Nicole Power Lead Actor and Consulting Producer, Strays

Sally Catto General Manager, Entertainment, Factual & Sports, CBC

Maggie Casella Performer/Writer/Producer


The Making of The Hardy Boys

For years, kids have grown up with the iconic Hardy Boys, classic IP that has been adapted into a new live-action series based on the beloved books by Franklin W. Dixon. Following Season 1’s success on Hulu in the U.S. and on YTV in Canada, production is well underway on Season 2. Join as Athena Georgaklis, Nelvana’s Head of Development, moderates a discussion with Andrew Thomas, Director, Kid’s Content, Hulu, Joan Lambur, President, Lambur Productions, and Amanda Vaughan, Production Executive, Corus Kids where they speak to the making of the series and how they turned an internationally renowned book property into a critically acclaimed television show. Following their discussion, The Hardy Boys cast will join lead director and co-showrunner Jason Stone to share what it’s like to play such iconic characters.
Brought to you in partnership with Corus Entertainment

The Making of The Hardy Boys

Andrew Thomas Director, Kid's Content, Hulu

Joan Lambur President & Founder, Lambur Productions

Amanda Vaughan Production Executive, Corus Kids

Athena Georgaklis Head of Development, Nelvana

Q&A with The Hardy Boys Cast

Rohan Campbell ‘Frank Hardy’

Alexander Elliot 'Joe Hardy'

Keana Lyn ‘Callie Shaw’

Adam Swain 'Chet Morton'

Riley O’Donnell ‘Biff Hooper’

Cristian Perri 'Phil Cohen'

Jason Stone Jason Stone, Lead Director and Co-showrunner


LIVE: CMF Presents: Where Do We Go From Here?

Join Valerie Creighton, President and CEO of the CMF, in conversation with Cameron Bailey, Artistic Director and Co-Head of the Toronto International Film Festival as they discuss the future of Canada’s funding ecosystem. Following the most ambitious consultations undertaken by CMF, the discussion will centre on how the fund is looking at reinventing itself based on what was heard from the industry and the future of the sector given the changes in the market, development, production and distribution of Canada’s content. The results of the federal election and the stated commitment towards a new Broadcasting Act will have a direct impact on the sector. Valerie and Cameron will highlight some of the industry’s most pressing issues – including the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, systemic racism and discrimination and the urgency for progressive change to keep Canada’s screen – based sector competitive. This discussion is relevant for everyone working in Canada’s content industry today.
Brought to you in partnership with Canada Media Fund

Valerie Creighton President and CEO, CMF

Cameron Bailey Artistic Director and Co-Head of the Toronto International Film Festival



Spotlight On: Moonshine

Having just premiered on CBC, Content Canada is proud to present a look at the new Canadian series, Moonshine, through the eyes of its creator and showrunner, Sheri Elwood. In this exclusive conversation, Sheri opens up about why Moonshine is so personal and meaningful to her, what it’s like to return to Canada to executive produce the show, and how her experiences working in Hollywood informed this process.
Brought to you in partnership with eOne

Sheri Elwood Showrunner/Writer/Director

Jordan Pinto North American editor, C21Media


LIVE: In Conversation with Bell Media’s Justin Stockman

Bell Media is future-ready and poised for growth and success. With a clear approach to the integration of streaming, linear channels, and digital offerings, Bell Media’s plans play an integral role in the future of Canada’s content industry. Appearing live for an exclusive conversation, hear from Justin Stockman, Vice-President, Content Development & Programming, along with Canadian television personality and Etalk Senior Correspondent Traci Melchor, as they discuss opportunities for Canadian producers, along with their comprehensive partnership strategy, for the new Bell Media.
Brought to you in partnership with Bell Media

Justin Stockman Vice-President, Content Development & Programming, Bell Media

Traci Melchor Senior Correspondent, Etalk


In Conversation With: Roku

Join us for an exclusive conversation with Roku, the #1 selling Smart TV OS in Canada and the US, which is offering a different way for Canadians to enjoy an abundance of streaming content and its newly announced ‘Roku Originals’. Examining the platform both from a content point of view, as well as looking at opportunities for brand marketers and advertisers, executives from Roku Canada will answer questions about their plans for the streaming channel, and the impact it’s having on the Canadian industry now that ad-supported services are on the rise with audiences.
Brought to you in partnership with Roku

Mary-Anne Taylor Head of Content Distribution, Roku Canada

Christina Summers Regional Sales Manager, Roku Canada

Mike Cosentino President & CEO, CosMedia.Inc