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2023 Digital Box Set

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Join us for a stimulating conversation that highlights the collaborative spirit shared between these countries, where creativity knows no borders. Hear experts as they illuminate the tapestry of artistic alliances, celebrating the diverse expressions that emerge from this cross-cultural fusion. Discover how these connections not only enrich the creative landscape but provide incredible opportunity for the production community.
Explore the power and potential of culturally rich storytelling in children’s and youth programming, as we delve into a real-world case study highlighting the creation and impact of Indigenous stories for young people. Join Rocket Forum to learn how meaningful representation, respect for traditions, and authentic narratives can empower young minds by showcasing cultural heritage.
Explore the unique characteristics, preferences, and challenges of the youngest generation, born into a digitally immersive world. Join Evan Shapiro, as he unravels the behaviors and expectations of these tech-savvy digital natives and gain deep insights into how their experiences are reshaping education, media, and society at large. Engage with experts as they decode the implications of Generation Alpha’s presence and chart a course for meaningful interaction and innovation in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.
Delve into the latest insights from the Rocket Fund Trends Report, exploring the evolving landscape of children’s content consumption in Canada. Join industry leaders as they analyze key findings, discuss emerging trends, and share strategic perspectives on navigating this vibrant and ever-changing terrain. Gain valuable insights into the intersection of media, technology, and youth culture, shaping the future of entertainment and education for Canadian kids.
Delve into the art and science of creating engaging and enriching content for young audiences. Hear from industry pioneers as they share strategies for understanding children’s viewing patterns, preferences, and behaviors, and how these insights can be translated into captivating storytelling. Discover how wonder and insight combine to create content that not only entertains but also educates, fostering imagination and learning in the minds of young viewers.
Explore the power of children’s programming in shaping young minds and instilling values of empathy, diversity, and social responsibility. Discover how innovative content can inspire the next generation of change-makers, equipping them with the tools to address real-world challenges and create a positive impact. Rocket Forum’s expert panelists delve into the strategies, content development, and educational approaches that can harness the potential of kids’ programming to drive meaningful social change.
Kids content based on existing brands is not only a fun and nostalgic way to engage with an audience, it’s proven to be good business. With a built-in fan base and the ability to rejuvenate a brand’s popularity for licensing offshoots, adapting content from existing IP can widen the show’s potential audience and discoverability. Hear from industry leaders who are experts in creating brand-based content about how it can yield commercial success and make an enduring cultural impact. Presented in partnership with: