In Conversation: CMPA’s Reynolds Mastin

DIGITAL SUMMIT: Canadian producers, like all in the production world, have been deeply affected by the current pandemic. At a time when the Canadian industry was already grappling with a rapidly evolving media landscape, along came Covid-19 which turned producers’ worlds around. Reynolds Mastin, president and CEO of the Canadian Media Producers Association, is laser focused on helping his members get past the current crisis and succeed. He sits down with C21Media’s founder and editor-in-chief, David Jenkinson, to discuss Canada’s response, as well as other pressing issues to be addressed and resolved in order to put Canadian producers in a position to thrive.

Throughout the month of September, Content Canada’s Digital Summit will publish a collection of dynamic content that puts the Canadian business in perspective, and amplifies its mission to the world. The Summit will feature a mix of digitally delivered sessions, masterclasses, screenings, podcasts, live-streamed keynote interviews and a host of related content.


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