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Producer: Great Pacific Media (Thunderbird's factual division), and Bell Media Studios
Executive Producer: Mark Miller
Cast: Craig and Brent Lebeau
Mud Mountain

Bell Media
60 minutes, 8 episodes

Mud Mountain is a character-driven docu-series set in the high mountains of British Columbia where giant logs and big pay days beckon men to take huge risks. Logging and log hauling are one of the most dangerous professions in the world and no one is willing to go steeper or deeper than third-generation loggers, Craig and Brent Lebeau. For a decade, the two brothers were at loggerheads unwilling to cede an inch or a machine to the other. But wicked weather, devastating accidents, and a declining industry, have forced the Lebeau brothers to bury the ax and work together.

This winter, Craig and Brent are in the fight of their lives. Bad luck and misfortune hound Brent while Craig’s million-dollar gamble on a new steep slope logging program brings new, unforeseen danger and drama. And on the backwoods roads, the log haulers face snow, ice, and unrelenting mud in their race to get the wood off the mountain. As the spring melt converts the mountain to a muddy mess, Craig and Brent push themselves and their crews to the limit trying to get a monster payday off the mountain before Mother Nature and the mud swallow them up.

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