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Director: Holly Dale (CHICAGO MED, MARY KILLS PEOPLE), who also serves as co-executive producer; Alain Desrochers (BAD BLOOD, NITRO); Stefan Pleszczynski (KILLJOYS, THE FLASH); and Erik Canuel (THE ART OF MORE, Bon Cop Bad Cop)
Producer: Joseph Kay
Executive Producer: Sphère Média: Bruno Dube, Virginia Rankin, Tara Woodbury, Joseph Kay, Jeremy Spry, and Jocelyn Deschenes. Holly Dale is Co-Executive Producer and Director of the pilot
Writer: Joseph Kay, Sarah Glinski, Rachel Langer, Jenn Engels, Nikolijne Troubetzkoy, Lynne Kamm, Anar Ali, Sami Khan, and Tamara Moulin
Cast: Hamza Haq (as Dr. Bashir Hamed), Laurence Leboeuf (as Dr. Magalie “Mags’ Leblanc), John Hannah (as Dr. Jed Bishop), Jim Watson (as Dr. Theo Hunter), Ayisha Issa (as Dr. June Curtis), Torri Higginson (as Head ER Nurse Claire Malone), Sirena Gulamgaus (as Amira Hamed), Linda E. Smith (as Dr. Wendy Atwater), Kenny Wong (as Arnold De Luca), and Grace Lynn Kung (as Vivian Barnes)
Transplant – Scenes We Loved

Bell Media
40 minutes, 13 episodes (Season 2 renewal underway)

Dr. Bashir “Bash” Hamed (Hamza Haq), a Syrian doctor with battle-tested skills in emergency medicine, makes the difficult decision to flee his country with his younger sister Amira. With the hope of returning to his career in medicine, Bash and Amira strive to build a new life in Canada while managing the struggles that come with life in a new country. With life experiences and a medical background unlike his Canadian counterparts, Bash works to navigate a new environment and forge new relationships after earning a coveted residency in the Emergency Department of one of the best hospitals in Toronto, York Memorial.

Transplant Season 1 airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT, with an encore broadcast on CTV, and on NBC.

For more information, please visit www.bellmedia.ca

TRANSPLANT is produced by Sphère Média in association with CTV and NBCUniversal International Studios, a division of NBCUniversal Content Studios. Developed at CTV, TRANSPLANT is produced with the participation of the Canada Media Fund, the Bell Fund, and the IPF’s Cogeco Television Production Fund. For CTV Michele McMahon and Gosia Kamela are Production Executives; Tom Hastings is Director, Drama, Original Programming; Corrie Coe is Senior Vice-President, Original Programming, Bell Media.

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