Nina Keogh
Performer, Truffles – Mr. Dressup

Nina Keough is a third generation puppeteer and puppet builder. Since 1968, she has worked on hundreds of projects involving puppets and as an on camera host. Some of the iconic shows she’s worked on are The Friendly Giant, Mr. Dress Up, Razzle Dazzle, Groundling Marsh, Hello Mrs. Cherrywinkle, Polkadot Door as the first host, Sesame Park, Today’s Special, Book Mice and many feature films and commercials.

She has recently been a consultant on two large museum projects involving tv series retrospectives that include puppet characters. She has also been an instructor/lecturer and mentor at Toronto Metropolitan University, York University, Niagara Theatre College and Haliburton School of Fine Arts.She is a visual artist having owned two art galleries/studios in Toronto and Newfoundland.

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